“I started training with Adele needing to develop flexibility and core strength to support two prolapsed discs. Adele provides varied and thoughtfully structured training sessions incorporating yoga and Pilates techniques as well as a range of weights and cardio exercises. Sessions are tailored to suit individual ability and fitness goals and are always delivered with patience and a smile, helping to increase confidence and enjoyment. Three years on I have much improved flexibility and a significantly stronger core which have led to reduced back pain and given me a solid platform for further improvement and development.” 
David Head, Barclays Employee  
‘Since I’ve been a client of Adele’s I stand straighter, feel more agile and have more energy. The difference Adele makes is through her broad skills – specifically her use of Pilates, core conditioning and Yoga based exercises alongside conventional training approaches. Adele also combines her easy going and pleasant nature with achieving great results from her clients. Having had 5 personal trainers previously, Adele stands out as by far the best. I have been a client for 3 years, despite only approaching Adele for a few session to get me through a cycling challenge. I would highly recommend Adele to anyone.’ 
Richard Humphry, Barclays Employee  

‘I decided to choose Adele as my Personal Trainer as I go to 4 classes during the week and she was the trainer in most of them.  I found that Adele really pushed you in terms of achieving your goals and kept in constant contact to support you. She really did motivate me and I was surprised to lift heavier weights than I thought I could but Adele had the confidence in me.  She concentrated on your goals and devised a workout plan to keep you motivated.  I managed to reach my fitness goal/target.  If I needed to go back to having a PT I would definitely choose Adele 100%.’ 
Stinder Sagoo, Barclays employee 
‘I’ve trained with Adele for over 5 years.  She has made all the difference.  Her patience and wisdom along with her drive helped me to make progress I never thought possible.  When I started training I found 10 minutes of jogging tough.  She gradually led me through a programme that took me through 5k, 10k events to half marathon events and even a triathlon.  However, as I’m about to retire, I must say it is Adele’s expertise in yoga and Pilates techniques which have contributed most to my wellbeing.  I feel fit and ready for my 60s:  Bring it on!’ Peter Drysdale, Barclays employee  
‘I have used Adele as my PT for the past 3 years but more focused on the past 6 months.  Adele is a super motivator.  She is hard but not a bully and she is genuinely pleased with your results and the progress you make.  Because of her I feel I want to work harder and make her proud of me – she has the ability to really invest in her clients and not only encourage you during your PT sessions but also via emails and kind words whenever she sees you!

Adele is professional, kind, thorough but above all I found her true love of what she does a huge motivation.  I would highly recommend Adele as a PT!’ 
‘I really enjoyed todays Pilates class by trainer Adele. Felt like did some good exercises around core muscles and abdomen.’  Lisa Davies, Barclays employee  
‘I attended last night’s class and wanted to let you know it was the best yoga class I have ever been to.’ Bethan Harrison, Schroders employee 
‘The yoga class last night with Adele was fantastic. Every bit of me feels worked out so if it is at all possible to get Adele to teach the class again I think it would be a positive change.’ Madaline Johnson, Schroders employee  
‘Hi Adele! Thank you for everything and helping me through the last few months to achieve my goals and being patient too! I feel fantastic and really good about wearing my dress next week so thank you for that. I was really worried that I would not feel my best and then not really enjoy my day but I know this is not going to be the case. I have noticed a dramatic difference and not just the weight loss but the toning too. Definitely want to keep it up and it has been an excellent achievement for me mentally as I was not feeling great about my fitness and weight for a long time and really struggled trying to get to where I wanted on my own so you have been a super star in making sure I achieved this in such a short space of time! Thanks again and see you soon with wedding photos! Honeymoon prep next!’  Tessa Chetty, Barclays employee

‘I just thought it would be nice to give some feedback on the Express Spin class that I attended this afternoon – I just wanted to say what a great job Adele did. The class was very enjoyable and actually made me really push myself (personally I like the resistance style classes rather than the speed ones). I wanted to say well done to Adele and thanks for a good class ‘ Rachel Smythe, Barclays employee.

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